Thursday, May 31, 2018

Recording at Rock U/Draven Studios

Marty just completed another session with the Eagles Wings quartet, successfully passing the halfway mark on completing their first CD recorded at Rock U/Draven Studio. Wait until you hear it! The guys sound incredible!

CrossBorn, Marty's band, is also in the recording process at Rock U/Draven. The band released their first single recorded here recently. "Disconnected" is a rocker, for sure! The band is working on recording an entire album of original Christian rock, and the initial results are awesome!

So, are you in a band? Are you a singer/songwriter? Are you looking for a cool place to record in Central Illinois at a very reasonable rate yet have professional results? Contact Rock U/Draven today! Between Marty and Bo's combined skills, equipment, and location, you're sure to be very pleased with your production.