Monday, May 15, 2017

May Update

What are your kids going to do when school's out this week? Think about that. Really . . .  think about that.  Why not sign them up for some of the great opportunities that Rock U provides? We offer lessons on a WIDE variety of instruments at reasonable prices right here in town. We're also going to offer a WIDE variety of Art courses for June as well. Keep in mind that enrollment in each class is limited, so contact us ASAP to learn about our course offerings and schedules.

The recording studio is mostly finished. A couple of small items will complete the setup. Are you a singer/songwriter looking to get a decent demo completed without breaking the bank? Check in with us and see what kind of deal we can make with you.

Songwriter Night meets weekly at the Rock U studio on 118 East 6th Street from 6-8 pm. We've had to cancel the last couple of meetings due to my slow and painful recovery from shoulder surgery, but we should be back on track. What does it entail? Well, it's pretty simple. People show up. We help each other write songs. Sometimes we jam on our instruments a little. Sometimes we sit around and solve the world's problems. Mostly, we have fun and immerse ourselves in the world of music.