Friday, July 1, 2016

4th of July Promotion and Random Thoughts

Current Students! If you walk in a parade and represent Rock U, I will give you a credit for a free lesson!

New Students! If you bring in a business card, I'll give you the first lesson free, when you sign up for a month. Not redeemable for cash.

Other ideas in the works.  Would anyone be interested in a small group, beginning guitar course? I'm thinking of doing this one night a week for 30 minutes for a month. Possible topics would include tuning, basic technique, a few simple chords, and one or two songs, maybe a simple country and a simple rock tune.

Or, how about this? Would there be interest in a music theory course? Same setup, one night a week for 30 minutes for a month?

We're also kicking around the idea of setting up a performance class. I'm not sure we have the space to do it though.

If you have ideas or suggestions that you would like us to consider, please email or text me, Marty Gibson, at 217-273-2547. We'd love to hear from you!