Wednesday, May 22, 2019


Lots of things are changing at Rock U! First, we sadly say goodbye to Kieran Effner, our saxophone instructor, who is getting married and moving out of state. She has been an integral part of our staff since we opened for business in 2016. Fortunately, she found a high-quality replacement for herself, and we're pleased to announce that Mr. Austin Spillman, an EIU saxophone student, will be stepping in! He has many years of experience on the instrument and has a lot of good ideas for improving our programming. Welcome to the fam, Austin!

Our Neoga studio is undergoing renovations as we speak. Please pardon our mess during the transition. We hope to improve the looks and functionality of our limited space, resulting in a better environment and experience for music students and recording studio clients. In addition to continuing our high level of music instruction, we hope to be a sought-after recording studio for area musicians.

In Tuscola, we've had an interesting time . . .  after a series of events led to our closing of the site, another series of events occurred that has led us to re-open it! God works in mysterious ways . . . Anyway, we are going to finish remodeling our lesson spaces this summer and continue to host our monthly bluegrass jams. For now, we're stepping away from hosting live music events, including Summer Rock Band Camp, but we may try those things again in the future. Finally, we're in the planning stages of starting a Ukulele Club! Stay tuned for more information!

Friday, April 12, 2019

Record at Rock U!

Have you always wanted to record in a professional studio but something has held you back? Maybe the cost was too high? Maybe the whole process was intimidating? Maybe there was not a facility near you? Never fear, Rock U is here! We offer a professional service for an affordable price, and we pride ourselves on our low-stress environment. We have three recording engineers on staff, a comfortable atmosphere, and a lot of high-quality gear. Click the link below for our current offer, and then contact us to book your session!