Wednesday, February 20, 2019

February Update

Our live music events are gaining popularity! The monthly bluegrass jam has nearly outgrown the downstairs space at The Vault. Many people are attending and having a big ol' time. We do seem to drift into other styles of music, but that's ok. We have enough people that we even had a "sub-jam" session going on in a different room. Come and check it out next month, and we'll see where it goes!

Our next Metal at The Vault show will be April 6th from 5-9 pm in The Stage Room. $10 gets you four hours of music from five different bands. Check our Events page on our FB page for more details. Come ready for brutal music and brutal volume levels! \m/ \m/

May 18th, from 5-8 pm, will be our next Singer/Songwriter Showcase in The Stage Room at The Vault. Only a $5 cover gets you three hours of music from four musicians. Our first event was a great success, and this one looks to be just as good! Come and experience some of the best talent available in the area! Details will be posted soon on our FB Events page.